Thursday, 29 November 2012

A very vintage day.

First of all today's outfit...
  • White Peace + Love Studded Snapback
  • Topshop tiger print sweater
  • White string vest
  • Drop crotch bottoms
  • Vintage Denim Jacket
To be honest I didn't put much thought into this outfit, I just quickly chucked it on due to waking up late (I had time to quickly take a picture though, always time for a snap.) I feel what I put on really works and I enjoyed rocking this look today.

So today i took a visit to a nice little vintage shop in Bedford place, Southampton called Hepwright's Original Vintage. The reason for my visit was to finalize some outfits/ looks for an event i'm styling this Sunday, a live "vintage meets modern" makeover at Re:So Southampton.

After spending around 2 hours browsing the shop i finally had put together some great looks and was happy with my outcome.
Now i just have to wait till Sunday until i can switch up the models and style them with these "vintage meets modern looks".

Styling with a twist

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